A Temple Tour in Pemuteran

Note: Tourists are obliged to wear a sarong or scarf to enter the area around the temple.

Temple Tour

There are some very interesting temples in the area. Some temples are close to each other and easy to combine, like the Belatung, Kerta Kawat and Melanting temple. These temples are nestled in a beautiful green oasis. The temple tour offers a nice walk in the area where you can watch the cultivation process and harvest grapes in the vineyards, if in season. Please ask our managers if you would like to experience this temple tour.

Pulaki, Pabean and Segara Temple

This is a trio of temples nestled between the mountains and the sea. Balinese belief there is a special energy where the mountains almost touch the sea. They call it Nyegara Gunung.

Pura Pulaki is the main temple for Pemuteran. It backs up against the hills and is home to a troop of non-threatening monkeys. 

Across the road on grounds bordered the ocean is Pura Pabean, where local fishermen come to pray for safe journeys. This temple exhibits an unusual blend of Balinese and Chinese style decorations.

At the foot of Pura Pabean, next to the sea is a very basic and much older temple known as Pura Segara. The only decorations here are two piles of stones which appear very aged with a vaguely human shape.

Pemuteran Temple

On a small side street of the main road in Pemuteran you can find the Pemuteran Temple, also called “hot spring temple” with holy water from a source inside the temple. During full moon, many Balinese come to pray here. 

Melanting Temple

Pura Melanting is a place for traders and businessmen to ask for fortune and good luck. Because of its rich, historical architecture and its very special location, this is the best local temple to visit. Dating back to the 15th century, it is located on the slopes of Mount Pulaki and is surrounded by tropical forests and local vineyards. Late afternoon (around 5 pm) is normally the best time to visit.

Taman National Bali Barat Hindu Temple

This small Hindu Temple is one of the most unique places in Taman National Bali Barat, set in the middle of the rain forest and surrounded by green plantation. This temple is used by the local Balinese Hindu people to pray to the gods to get prosperity and protect the forest from bad influence. This temple is often visited by the local people on temple festivals.

Puncak Manik Temple

Behind Pura Melanting you can find the Puncak Manik temple. A small temple, built around a sacred spring, high up in the hills. You have to climb hundreds of steps, but when you have reached the top, you are rewarded by a magnificent view.

Belatung Temple

The Belatung temple is a beautiful jungle temple; the scenery and atmosphere are very good for meditation. The temple is located in Banyupoh with an unspoiled view of nature. It has vineyards around the temple.

Kerta Kawat Temple

Situated majestically on the foot of a hill, Kerta Kawat is a pilgrim place for people who want to get an advance in their career. Balinese believe that praying at this temple will further increase prosperity. From Kerta Kawat you will have beautiful views on the blue ocean and the strong green mountains of Bali Barat National Park.


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