Pemuteran Reef

Pemuteran Bay has the largest area of shallow reefs in Bali. The region lacks the extremely strong currents and waves that characterize other coastal areas of Bali. This makes it an ideal spot for diving and snorkelling. There are several distinct diving and snorkelling locations.

Pemuteran Village has worked out a unique way of restoring the coral reefs with a community based project, by using electricity to stimulate the growth of new coral. More than 115 Biorock coral nursery structures have been installed since June 2000 in Pemuteran Village. With a total length of a few hundred meters situated in an area of 2 hectares, this is the largest Biorock coral reef nursery and restoration project worldwide. These structures are located in an area parallel to the shore, about 50-100 meters from the coastline, in waters ranging from about 3 to 7 meters deep. They are roughly lined up, forming a natural snorkelling and diving trail. Just by snorkelling at the shore, you can see the structures with the coral reefs thriving very well.

Pemuteran won a special award in June 2012 in Rio at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development for the outstanding contributions to sustainable development.


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