Palasari Church

Surrounded by the forest and coconut plantations, Palasari can be reached within an hour drive from the villa. In this village you can find the Catholic church established in 1940 by Father Simon Buis.

The word “palasari” is derived from the word “pala” means “nutmeg” and the word “sari” means “essence”.
The church architecture is a mix of Gothic and Balinese traditional architecture, symbolizing the harmonious relation of Hindus and Catholics in Bali. Next to the Church you can see the water dam called Bendungan Palasari which is the largest water dam in Bali.

Belimbing sari Protestant Church
Bali has many interesting cultural quirks and among them are the Christian communities of Belimbing sari & Palasari. The Balinese Protestants carved out a cross-shaped village in the highlands of west Bali. It is the only all-Christian village in predominantly Hindu Bali, the village is set amongst some lovely countryside. In the center of the village you can find the church.