Medewi Surf

Surf option closest to Pemuteran you find at Medewi beach. Distance about 80 km, it will take you 1,5 hours to get there.

Medewi is an enchanting spot in West Bali that catches some especially great waves but also has a laidback, rural vibe. There aren’t many places to stay, and most of the best ones are very low-key homestay spots that double as surf schools. It is very much a surfing hot spot, and most visitors who do stay here stay for that reason alone.

There are both good beginner and advanced breaks nearby, this is a good spot for all sorts of wave riders. The sand is jet black and as the tide recedes, you can duck between the roving cows (yes cows) and observe the ripples and silver dollars that punctuate the surface. Bring reef boots – the rocks are sharp here and the entrance to the break is hairy. Lots of sea urchins in the shallows.

The Medewi surf wave is a long left hander breaking over river stones, deposited over many wet seasons, as the river opens to the sea. The wave is a soft breaking wave in contrast to many of Bali’s other waves that break over coral. Medewi attracts beginners and older surfers looking for an easier wave with a friendly vibe in the water. Depending on the movement of sand Medewi also has a fun right hander and a number of beach breaks.



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